Paradigma 10th Anniversary Means Free Developer Packs

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Thu Feb 14 03:12:32 EST 2008

Paradigma 10th Anniversary Means Free Developer Packs


February 14, 2008. Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc and
publisher Mirye Software Publishing announce the 10th anniversary of
Valentina with a special giveaway: a free copy of a Valentina ADK Standard
Edition to developers working on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. 

Between Valentine's Day (February 14, 2008) and President's Day (February
18, 2008), registered developers can choose a free copy of Valentina 2.5.8
ADK Standard Edition. The giveaway is available on the Paradigma website at

Just visit the giveaway page, register, then select the operating system
(Windows, Mac OS X, Linux as available) and development environment used.
Choices for environments include:

.	Apple Cocoa (Objective-C)
.	Adobe/Macromedia Director
.	REAL Software REALbasic
.	Mirye  Runtime Revolution
.	Microsoft COM (Visual Basic, Delphi)
.	Microsoft  .NET Framework
.	Windows  C++ (Visual Studio)
.	Linux C++ (GCC compatible)
.	Mac OS X C++ (xCode)

Developers can then download the archives and receive developer codes.

With Valentina 2.5.8 Standard ADK, a developer can embed a local copy of the
Valentina database runtime, and distribute their applications royalty free.
This version of Valentina is fully upgradeable, both to Valentina ADKs as
well as Valentina Developer Network, a product that allows royalty free
distribution of Valentina Embedded Server. Because Valentina was originally
developed for high performance and security on a network, transitioning
projects to client-server or web application  implementations only improve

Valentina Database technology was first developed and released by Paradigma
founder and VP of Engineering Ruslan Zasukhin in 1998. The company has since
moved headquarters to the United States, and opened or entered into
agreements for representative offices in Germany and Japan.

"Database performance became sexy again with Valentina. Many vendors claim
superior performance, however after importing millions of records into
Valentina and performing a head to head comparison in executing complex SQL
statements, you will understand why developers have chosen Valentina for
their cross-platform applications," said Ruslan Zasukhin, VP of Engineering.

In addition to being an industry compliant, SQL database system, with full
support for standards like Unicode, encryption, and XML import/export,
Valentina is based on a unique object-relational model. This unique model is
why Valentina executes SQL statements often hundreds of times faster than
competing technologies such as MySQL, MS SQL Server and FileMaker Server -
even with millions of records. Since interface plug-ins to every major
development environment are provided by Paradigma, Valentina is able to take
advantage of native environment features and frameworks.

You can learn more about this special offer either on the Paradigma Software
or Mirye web sites.

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Founded in 1998, Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc is the
leading developer of incredibly fast and robust database solutions for
business and development. Valentina 3 technology has been licensed and
deployed by all major academic software publishers in North America, major
film studios and Japanese consumer electronics corporations. - all looking
for the fastest possible way to serve complex data as fast as possible.
Paradigma Software solutions are available for every major development
environment on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


Paradigma Software
Ph. (503) 574-2776

About Mirye

Mirye Software Publishing is a new international publisher of cross-platform
technical software and digital production content, serving the professional
development and digital production market where multi-destination deployment
is paramount. Mirye published titles include Paradigma Valentina Database
System and Runtime Revolution cross-platform application and multimedia
development system. Mirye has offices in North America and Japan.


Mirye Software Publishing
Ph. (503) 520-0191

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