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Wed Feb 6 23:29:30 EST 2008

Steve Checkley wrote:
> Hello all,
> Over the last few weeks, I've mainly been posting to the forum. I've
> come across one or two snags in my application's development and so
> have posted my questions to the forum, as usual.
> As they're not exactly beginner level problems, would I be better off
> asking the more advanced questions here? Or do the helpful peeps here
> look at the forum too?

Some people prefer one over the other, some read both. For the best 
possible coverage, I'd say post both places.

While there are a lot of professional developers here on the list, any 
kind of question is welcome. We don't necessarily have to be the 
"advanced" list. Anything is fair game. Fire away.

> For the curious...
> I'm having problems working out when a group of controls are being
> clipped as the user resizes, so I can turn on scrollbars as
> necessary. I can't find a built in way or doing this, so thought I'd
> ask before I start writing my own way of doing things.

Someone already suggested looking at the formattedheight and 
formattedwidth of the field, which would give the info you want. That 
would work fine. Another thing I sometimes do is just set the scrollbars 
permanently. If the field fits, they'll be blank and pretty much 
unnoticeable. If the field overflows, they automatically enable. The 
engine knows.

Another trick is to put the entire contents of the card into a group 
which is the same size as the card. Turn on the group's scrollbars. As 
long as you have a resizestack handler that sets the size of the group 
to the size of the card, the scrollbars will take care of themselves. 
This only works though if you are happy allowing the entire card's 
contents to scroll rather than resizing all the objects on the card.

> The other question was getting the Core Image visual effects to work
> as I move from card to card, with screen locking and unlocking en
> route. There must be something I'm missing here!

Can you explain more about what doesn't work?

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