Doing my own geometry

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Feb 6 23:37:06 EST 2008

Steve Checkley wrote:

> A short while back, I remember seeing a thread about doing ones own
> geometry and not having to rely up the geometry manager.
> I've had a go at writing my own, mainly so I can have a growbox that
> looks like it belongs to an OS X bottombar. However, there's a great
> deal of lag as the window updates.
> I'd like to ask those who've written their own managers whether they
> were able to overcome the lag in the screen redraws and create a
> routine that's quick as the native live resizing?

I've never noticed any lag and I've had some pretty intense resizestack 
handlers. If you are game to post a script, or even just some 
pseudocode, I'm sure we can help. Managing a single growbox should be 
almost instant. If you have liveresizing turned on, it could slow things 
down because the resizestack message gets sent repeatedly. Even so, 
managing only an object or two shouldn't make much difference.

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