AW: where to put handlers?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Feb 6 04:06:14 EST 2008

Hi Mark,
Interesting to read that totally opposite approaches are both favoured.

> A lot of projects that are sent to me are unnecessarily complex
> because people try to be "smart", putting handlers in weird places.

Btw. I go the same way as Sadhu and feel comfortable with my way, especially
in maintenance cases, where I don't have to think about where a handler
could be placed. In smaller projects my "weird place" for almost all
handlers is the stack script. I do actually have only one single mouseup
handler in stack script, with cases of targets. So I uncoupled logic from
design, what has advantages and disadvantages. I don't know, if and how my
approach would work in bigger projects, but up to now, its good for me.

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