where to put handlers?

Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Tue Feb 5 21:48:37 EST 2008

Mark, Sadhunathan, I think we have a high/low confusion here. I think  
you're both agreeing with Sarah.

FWIW, I tend to think in terms of 'behind/in front'.



On 6 Feb 2008, at 00:05, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi Sadhunathan Nadesan,
> A lot of projects that are sent to me are unnecessarily complex  
> because people try to be "smart", putting handlers in weird places.  
> After 2 decades of programming with HyperCard and later Revolution,  
> I've come to the conclusion that it is a good idea to put handlers  
> as low as possible in the hierarchy. Only if a handler, or a part  
> of a handler, is used more than once, I put that handler higher up  
> the hierarchy. If I need only a part of a handler more than once, I  
> make a new handler with that particular part higher up the  
> hierarchy. If a handler is very short, I often put it in a button  
> or field itself, even if I need it more than once. In my view,  
> xTalk is not about programming "smart" but about programming  
> quickly and effectively (which is also smart, but different).  
> Therefore, I'd say Sarah is right.
> Best regards,
> Mark Schonewille
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> Op 6-feb-2008, om 0:49 heeft Sadhunathan Nadesan het volgende  
> geschreven:
>> With true respect, I would like to suggest an alternative approach,
>> the reverse.  Place handlers as high as posssible, such as in the
>> stack script.
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