bad print quality of a resized image

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Aug 20 04:03:50 EDT 2008

Hi Tiemo,

> Hello,
> Win XP, Rev 2.9 I have an foto as an image, which I want to print.  
> Printing
> the image in original size is ok. But after resizing the image to a  
> smaller
> size the quality of the foto is not acceptable any more. It is roughly
> pixled and has a dramatical loss of quality, though it got smaller  
> in size.
> Comparing it to resizing the same image in photoshop, shows, that it  
> must
> not be like this. Obviously Rev has no algorithm for resizing image  
> data!? I
> have no idea, if I have any control over the imagedata when resizing.
> Any ideas out there? Any experiences?

A little shot in the dark:
You did "set the resizequality of img xxx to best", did you?

> Thank you, Tiemo


Klaus Major
klaus at

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