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Shari shari at gypsyware.com
Sat Apr 19 11:29:21 EDT 2008

Hoping I'm not treading where I shouldn't, but I can't help but ask? 
Wasn't Revolution itself somewhat of a "co-branded" version of 
Metacard?  How does this differ?  As far as I can tell from the 
website, Mirye is dedicated almost exclusively to Revolution.

The other question would be, does Mirye take on other products?  Is 
it a way for a developer to take their products to store shelves 
rather than internet download only?


>It is the co-branded version of Runtime Revolution sold through resellers,
>partners and directly from Mirye - http://www.mirye.com. Anything that's
>going through SHI, Academic SuperStore, Content Paradise, Renderosity, etc
>comes through us.
>We have a publishing agreement with Runtime. This doesn't preclude you
>buying directly from Runtime if you want. A major upside though is that, if
>you are in the Americas or Asia (we have an office in Japan), we can take
>care of order issues, special orders or the like more easily because we are
>in a more compatible time zone. Sales through us are all done in $USD.
>Our bundles, cross sells and special offers will differ a bit from
>Runtime's. We also have separate affiliate and publishing programs (quite
>different from RevSelect).
>Best regards,
>Lynn Fredricks

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