[OT] Rev 2.9 hits a home run with users.

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Wed Apr 16 19:01:37 EDT 2008

Thanks! And sorry for the Ameri-centro headline ;)

What do you think of the new newsletter name and format?

Richmond wrote

That's funny; as a Scot I seem to recall a "home run"
is a term from the game of Baseball used in the
"United States of America"; in Scotland we play Shinty
(an altogether different game)


, Curling and Golf.

I would suppose that "hole in one" would be understood
by almost everyone, the North Americans, amongst
others, having adopted Golf.
It is also Scottish.

Whatever may be meant by "home run" in this context, I
am sure that 2.9 is a considerably better version of
Runtime Revolution than previous versions as it has
undergone a vast amount of Beta testing.

I can only congratulate Bill Marriott in his effecting
"something in the outfield" :) 

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