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If one really needs to use the metal look, then use Eric Chatonet's 
method using a small metal graphic as a background image. Looks 
great, no hassles. It's in one of his lessons, free, online.

>LunchnMeets wrote:
>>...and there is a problem with Metal appearance.
>Apple solved all problems related to that short-lived motif:
>    Important: In Mac OS X v10.5 and later, there are no brushed metal
>    windows. Windows that were designed as brushed metal windows to
>    run in earlier versions of Mac OS X should adopt the Leopard look
>    in Mac OS X v10.5. For the most part this is automatic. You may
>    need to adjust your layout so that no window-frame material is
>    visible on the sides of the window and you should ensure that
>    the controls you used in the toolbar are still appropriate.
>One less platform-specific anomaly to deal with. :)
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