More on 'there is a file it' returning false for files w/ non-Western European chars

Mark Smith mark at
Tue Apr 15 13:43:32 EDT 2008

I'm pretty sure this is the same as bug 4897 - and I agree that it's  
a serious problem. Modern OSes can deal with all sorts of file names,  
but as things stand, certain files just do not exist as far as  
revolution is concerned. I was very disappointed that this didn't get  
fixed in 2.9 - but then it didn't get many votes, I guess. (I must  
admit, I forgot to vote for it, as I'd had a correspondence with  
support about it...)


On 15 Apr 2008, at 17:14, Mark E. Powell wrote:
> I have not gotten any workarounds to my previously-posted file name  
> bug, and wanted to let everyone know that I have entered it into  
> the bug system as #6394.  As the candidates are saying in  
> Pennsylvania USA: I would appreciate your vote.  This is an  
> absolute deal-breaker for me.

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