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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Apr 15 12:37:53 EDT 2008

Gregory Lypny wrote:

>...even when I select the Edit tool!

Scott touched on this, but it's worth at least a little more explanation.

What the Rev IDE may call the "edit tool", the engine knows as the 
"pointer tool".

The engine provides a variety of tool modes to enable an astounding 
variety of applications, including paint tools, drawing tools, and the 
pointer tool for manipulating objects.

The pointer tool makes it easy to create custom drawing and layout 
environments for your users.  For example, you'd want to include drawing 
tools and field tools along with a pointer tool in a program that allows 
the end-user to design database layouts.

Rev is almost unique in its ability to build a complete IDE using only 
itself; I've seen few other tools even attempt it.

But this means that the IDE is using the same engine that you're using, 
and it can be helpful to keep that in mind when you're working to better 
understand what's going on.

A handful of us still use an older IDE that once shipped with the 
product before RunRev Ltd. acquired it, MetaCard.  The MC IDE has fewer 
features, but those of us who use it enjoy that it keeps us close to the 
engine, minimizing differences between development and runtime.

In recent years I've made my own fork of that IDE, and there's also 
Galaxy and others as well.  That's one of the beautiful things about 
Rev:  it's not just another authoring tool, but a toolkit you can use to 
build the exact sort of authoring environment you most prefer.

You might enjoy taking a moment to review the Rev Dictionary entry for 
"tool", to appreciate the breadth of interaction modes available.  It 
might even inspire ideas for new apps you can build. :)

Know the engine.
Trust the engine.
Use the engine.


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