Vista peculiarities

FlexibleLearning at FlexibleLearning at
Mon Sep 3 13:31:14 EDT 2007

> Another gotcha is that the  menubar group needs the following line if  you 
> have a mouseDown  handler to overcome the recent Rev menubar implementation 
>  peculiarities...
> on mouseDown
> if the mouse is not  "down" then exit  mouseDown
> .../...
> end  mouseDown

> Nice! I hadn't thought of that! (I was dealing  with it in a different 
> and more complex  manner..)

> I haven't had my coffee yet so forgive me if  this should be obvious, but 
> when do you want to not trigger the  mouseDown handler when the mouse 
> isn't down?
> I know the  mouseDown handlers in menus are now triggered with 
> command-keys as  well, but wouldn't you want the same menu updating to 

When  Ctrl/Cmd key is pressed, the mouseDown is activated repeatedly. If the 
mouseDown  does a lot of menu-building and is only needed when the user 
actually selects a  menu, we need a means of escaping all this unecessary activity 
when the mouse is  not down (as in a Ctrl/Cmd shortcut activation). Rather 
esoteric until it bites  you, at which point is becomes very real!  



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