DragDrop bug in WinXP?

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon Sep 3 12:43:37 EDT 2007

Hi Jaqueline,

> Chipp Walters wrote:
>> Can anyone verify this simple but strange bug with dragDrop and  
>> WinXP? Thanks!
>> put in msg box:
>> go url "http://www.gadgetplugins.com/chippstuff/DragDropBug.rev"
>> Here's the problem as presented in the above stack:
>> Create a stack and add a field. Set the script of the field to:
>> on dragEnter
>>   set the acceptDrop to true
>> end dragEnter
>> on dragDrop
>>   put the dragData["files"] into me
>> end dragDrop
>> Now, dragdrop some files/folders and everything works fine. But try
>> dragDropping 'My Documents' folder and it doesn't work. Any ideas?
> I didn't test on Windows, but on a Mac it just puts the folder path  
> into the field. This seems correct to me, since folders aren't  
> files. I'd test to see if there is a folder with that path, and if  
> so, extend the script to get the files and put them into the field.

maybe the syntax shoud be extended to also support:
the dragData["folders"]

That would come very handy.

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Klaus Major
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