Grouping Inside Groups

Sakari Ruoho runrev at
Wed Oct 31 11:57:39 EDT 2007

Cheers for your answer Mark,

You could do it like this... create a stack with a button and image 
called 'test'. Now heres the button's script:

on mouseUp
group image "test"
end mouseUp  

All u need to do is to press the button two times. First time it creates 
the group, but next time u will get the error.

Start editing does not work in this case, since it opens the group 
visually(lock screen does not seem to work on here) and that is 
undesirable behavior for the software I'm working on.

Mark Schonewille wrote:
> Hi Sakari Ruoho,
> Could you please post your script?
> One way to do this is to start editing the background before grouping 
> objects.
> on mouseUp
>   start editing group 1
>   group btn id 1004 and btn id 1006
>   stop editing group
> end mouseUp
> Best regards,
> Mark Schonewille
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> Op 31-okt-2007, om 10:53 heeft Sakari Ruoho het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi
>> I trying to group objects inside Group with /group/ command to make 
>> nested groups. RunRev complains about bad object type, but when I 
>> /select/ the object and use/ group/ it works.. also tried /do group/ 
>> command without success. I can group objects with /group/ 
>> /[objectList]/ command, if the objects are not inside a group. Is 
>> this a syntax error from me or a feature or what?
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