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Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Sun Oct 14 21:37:21 EDT 2007

On 10/15/07, François Chaplais <francois.chaplais at> wrote:
> Before posting this topic, I did a search for "open file application"
> with revolution web search tool and could not find an answer to my
> question.

Whilst there is no denying that Rev Docs need improvements, and I tend to
agree with Richmond that it's sometimes easy to find what your looking for
with the old 2.6 Docs, a slightly different approach to your search above
would have found what your are looking for in the current Docs.

If you were to open the Docs and click on A-Z Dictionary and then type into
the search field each of the words above, as single words, although 'open'
and 'file' would have resulted in a vast number of useless leads,
'application' would have given you the answer you were looking for.

Note, that if you cntrl-click (on Mac, don't know about Win) on the column
headers a pop-up menu comes up with the option to select which columns are
presented. I suggest, Keyword, Type, Syntax, Synonyms and Platforms as a

In the above search, having the Syntax available to look at would have lead
you to the Launch command as the solution to your problem.

If the above words had not found the result you wanted I'd have tried
similar words such as start, launch, document, process, program. Some would
have got me nowhere but some would have lead me to the answer.

As a last resort, and usually quicker, and as you did, I'd have come to this
List and asked;-)

I like searching the A-Z Dictionary for single words and investigating some
of the more interesting results. Going to individual entries I particularly
like to check out the "See Also" entries.

Whilst I generally spend longer searching for what I 'need', the number of
times I've 'discovered' something new along the way I couldn't count. These
discoveries have then led me to experiment with Rev in ways I'd not
initially contemplated, improve the efficiency of my code, or just remained
in the back of my mind as 'I could probably put that to good use some time'.

But then again, I've learned far more from this List:-)

Enjoy the Revolution

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