Cross-platform video w/out QT

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Sat Nov 17 21:10:17 EST 2007

I thought MPEG could be played on Mac, Windows, and Linux with  
existing built-in tools but Rev needed QuickTime. Perhaps I'm wrong  
about that.

Here is an interesting blog about the multi-media: 


On Nov 16, 2007, at 5:21 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> One of the products I manage uses a lot of video, and while we've  
> been happy with using QT for playback some of our customers' IT  
> departments really hate the extra install.
> So we're looking to move away from dependence on QT, hoping to find  
> a format that will run with the default installation of XP, Vista,  
> and OS X.  Extra bonus points if we could also support Win2k, but  
> not necessary.
> WMV compresses well with good quality, but requires the user to  
> download and install Flip4Mac.
> MPEG-4 would be good, but doesn't appear to be supported in XP (am  
> I missing something with that?).
> MPEG-2 would probably be good, but we'd have to buy a separate  
> component from Apple just to try out the export.
> MPEG-1 might even be worth looking at, but I can't find any export  
> for it in QT Player Pro, only for MPEG-4.
> So am I stuck with AVI, or is there some trick to getting MP4  
> playable on XP?
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