Planning ahead for threads and more interactivity in rev apps

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Thu Nov 8 10:55:36 EST 2007

Hi everyone,

In order to make an application more responsive, im thinking of 
implementing a kind of threading so that the application can still run 
while the GUI remains responsive. The application in question is a domain 
scanner and it scans some hundreds of servers which takes quite a while 
given the number of servers, their locations or type (phys. or virtual). I 
dont need this to go faster mind you but i dont want to go slower 

All i need is to be able to browse tabs and eventually change a setting or 

Problem is that mouse interception is not really working because of the 
intermittent shell calls and any mouseclick seems to get lost. Unless i 
want to click for 1-4 minutes and wait with the mousedown which i dont 
really fancy for anyone to suffer.

Using "send" is also not a good idea because i use shell commands that may 
take different times to finish - some servers are vmware slow or are 
located in places like dubai or Prague may not respond too quickly... 
Problem with the send command is that if you ask it to send something in 5 
seconds and there is a process already running, the send will definitely 
not run in 5 seconds... And worse, it may prevent intercepting your 

I was thinking of a script that runs the shell, waits if mouseclick or 
something like that... But last thing i want is to make this complex code 
more complex... And im not sure the mouseclick will not be lost while the 
script runs. 

Something "interactive" is what I am looking for...

Last but not least, i can't (or dont want to) manage more than 1 shell 
running at a time using a quick batch runner - meaning i'll have to manage 
interleaving and limiting processing load. The server has other functions 
and i can't monopolize the processors... Although this seems like my best 

Im just planning ahead this feature so all your ideas are welcome! Im sure 
many of us revvers are looking for a script like this at some point for 
applications that take time to process... 

Thanks in advance

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