Memory Leak on export png????

Luis luis at
Wed Mar 21 19:40:42 EDT 2007

That implies that the release of the purchased versions of RunRev  
were betas...



On 21 Mar 2007, at 16:01, Dave wrote:

> On 21 Mar 2007, at 15:28, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Dave wrote:
>>> If I were selling a product like RunRev and I did not have the   
>>> resources to test it on all the Platforms it shipped on, then I  
>>> would  say that in all my advertising and on my web site etc.  
>>> etc. etc. What  I wouldn't do is to not say a word anywhere and  
>>> continue to advertise  like all platforms are fully tested. To me  
>>> that is dishonest and  unprofessional.
>> I suppose it would be, but that has nothing to do with what I wrote.
>> Let me refresh your memory:
>>    I'm glad you recognize that it's up to us to test
>>    the specific implementations we use Rev for.  The
>>    combinatorial explosion of all possible uses would
>>    make it impossible for RunRev to do that.
> We are talking at cross purposes. Let me refresh your memory:
>> Dave wrote:
>>> All I know is that if I were to write something like this (a  
>>> file/ image data exporter) then once I'd got it working past the  
>>> the point  where I could write an image file in all the different  
>>> formats then  I'd run a soak test on it and let it run for  
>>> *loads* of (like 10,000 +) of iterations and I would have checked  
>>> that memory was being  released. In fact I wrote an external  
>>> command module that does  something similar (it analyzes movie  
>>> frames) and I *did* soak test it  and I *did* find memory leaks.
>>> For me, this is software engineering 101.
>> Richard wrote:
>> And it turns out that you did write an image exporter, and did run  
>> it through a soak test.  Good job.
>  You are talking about beta testing, I was talking about testing  
> your code after developing it. As an example:
> I wrote a module that does things with movies and/or images. There  
> are two parts to this, the RunRev "Test" Script and the C/C++  
> External. Since I am working with Movies and Images, this means  
> there is a lot of memory being allocated and therefore a chance  
> that a memory leak will occur. Over a period of a day or two I  
> develop the C/C++ code and the Test Script together. At some point  
> I get to the stage where I am Read/Writing/Analyzing a Movie/Image.  
> As soon as I get to this stage, I then soak test the C/C++ Command  
> Handler. I do this by testing it processing many thousands (like  
> 10,000+) of Movies/Files.
> What I was saying is that the code I wrote was very similar to the  
> "export snapshot" command both in terms of usage (it uses a lot  
> RAM) and in terms of development both have a C/C++ core and a  
> RunRev script.
> Obviously this type of testing wasn't performed on the export  
> snapshot command. That was what I meant. In my case it was for Mac  
> only, but in the past I have developed both for Mac and Windows and  
> in the case I would soak test it on Mac and at least one version of  
> Windows before checking it in and before it even got as far as QA  
> and Beta Testing.
>> Your comment about expecting payment for testing was equally snarky:
>>>> RunRev can help by having Beta cycles whose length is more in   
>>>> keeping with industry norms, but the actual testing can't be  
>>>> done  by them; there are just too many possibilities.
>>> I'd be happy to test it for them. How much are they paying?
> Not sure what snarky means!
> As I said I wasn't talking about beta testing, I was talking about  
> first level soak testing after you have got a part of your code  
> working. In the case where I don't have enough time to do this  
> myself I employ someone I trust and have worked with in the past to  
> do it.
> All the Best
> Dave
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