Moving an Object into a Group

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Mon Jun 11 08:49:48 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the replies.  Looks like Eric hit the jackpot for this  
one (see below).

I'll take the replies in turn but first here's a new observation.  My  
stack has a number of groups, but it looks like only one group is a  
problem, that is, one that I cannot copy or cut and then paste  
objects into from other locations; this main group is set to act as a  
background and houses all of the other groups.  I can copy objects  
into the nested groups using keyboard shortcuts, menus, and all the  
other ways we are used to.  Disabling the background property of the  
main group does not fix the problem.  What I might do is remove all  
of the nested groups and put them all on the same level, so to speak,  
although this kind of defeats one of the purposes of having groups.

First, Jim Ault.

> Do you use the keyboard or select copy from the menu?
> Try the menu

I tried both, Jim.  I also tried to select the group with the  
Application Browser and the Inspector palette.

And Jacqueline Landman Gay.

> I wonder if this is the same bug that prohibited editing a group  
> script
> unless you were on the first card of the group. Is your group  
> placed on
> more than one card? If so, did you try editing while on the first card
> of the group?

Yes, the problem group is on more than one card and, as I mentioned  
above, is set to act as a background.  I'm always on the first card  
when I try to copy a new object into the group, although I've tried  
while on the second card too.

Now for Eric Chatonet.

> Works fine for me on Mac and Win.
> Just a way to achieve the goal more easily:
> 1. 2. 3... as Bill said...
> 4. Click the group
> 5. Select "Paste into Group" in the contextual menu
> (right click on the group)
> :-)

Step 5 works, Eric!  But why is it the only one that works?

Paul Looney suggests using revNavigator.  I've never used it before,  
so I'll have to tinker with it to get to know it first.  Thanks, Paul.



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