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Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Wed Jun 6 10:11:31 EDT 2007

Hello Bob,

RevBrowser works with WebKit on the mac and IE engine on windows. It
needs an embedable engine to work, on linux it could use Gecko.

Right now Opera doesn't ship an embedable engine that I know of. You
have opera running on all kinds of machines such as Game Boy Advance
and PCs but you don't have an SDK where you can embed opera anywhere
so, you can't count on that for your MHTs.

What you can do however is to make Rev convert your MHTs on HTML + CSS
+ Image files, this would be a simple single loop conversion and then
you could use it by shell to firefox on linux. Or if you're planning
to ship a software where you control both ends (generation of content
and display of content) you can make zip files with the HTML + Friends
and use the new external to decompress to temporary location for
display. This would be true cross platform and allow you to bundle
even more resources such as audio, video and INTERACTIVE STACKS! ;-)


On 6/6/07, Bob Warren <bobwarren at howsoft.com> wrote:
> It's 17th October, 2007. Bob goes into his studio and turns on his
> Ubuntu computer. As soon as Ubuntu is up and running, a little yellow
> icon appears in the top right-hand corner of his screen. He clicks on
> it, and Ubuntu tell him that there are some software updates for him to
> download. He gladly accepts, and within a short time, the updates are done.
> The first thing Bob does is to go into his system settings. He makes
> Opera his default browser, rather than Firefox. He has a lot of MHTs to
> display, and Opera is the only browser capable of displaying them. In
> fact, Bob uses MHTs not only for compiling Help files and the like, but
> in many circumstances he uses them instead of the old Word documents
> nowadays. Not only are they more versatile for general use, but Bob
> likes them because he can easily superimpose text on background images.
> And of course all the HTML content and image data is contained within a
> single file for easy distribution.
> So now Bob wants to see whether the default Opera browser is used
> successfully in the revBrowser example stack provided by Runtime
> Revolution. He opens it up, runs it, and clicks on the appropriate
> button.  Damn!  It didn't work. But before he has a chance to get too
> disappointed, he notices that the "Rev Online" icon at the top of his
> IDE screen is dancing up and down. He clicks on it and sees the
> following message:
> "Hello! Runtime Revolution here. We have some crucial update patches for
> your IDE. Do you want to download them?"
> Bob downloads the patches, re-starts his IDE, and opens up the
> revBrowser example stack again. Lo and behold, there is a beautiful
> display of an MHT shown in an Opera-based browser. The patches worked!
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