revBrowser : Problems with PDFs when Acrobat's Pdfviewer plugin is installed

Ian Wood revlist at
Mon Jul 30 16:30:12 EDT 2007

This changed, either with 10.4 or with Safari 2, can't remember which.

If the Adobe Reader plug-in is not installed, Safari will display  
PDFs within a regular window, using the same engine as Preview, and  
giving a right-click option of 'Open in Preview'.


On 30 Jul 2007, at 21:02, Scott Rossi wrote:

> I ran into a related (but different) situation with revBrowser some  
> time ago. In my experience it seemed that Macs would *not* display  
> PDFs within Safari unless the pdfviewer plugin was installed. I  
> found in that situation that default behavior without the plugin  
> was the browser would hand off the PDF to Preview. I believe in  
> general you can't rely on the pdfviewer plugin being installed.
> I'm curious how you were able to get PDFs to show up with the  
> plugin disabled.  When you disable the plugin, will Safari continue  
> to display PDFs?

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