unexpected message passing

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Sat Jul 28 09:10:17 EDT 2007

Check the hilite properties of the buttons. You may want to handle 
the hilite non-automatically.

>Here's a mystery -- to me, at any rate.
>In one of my stacks I have a button that changes its function when 
>clicked with the optionkey down. To alert the user, I have 
>mouseEnter, mouseLeave, and mouseMove handlers in the button script 
>that change the label of the button accordingly. At some point I 
>noticed that the button label stayed changed after option-clicking 
>it -- the first thing that happens is an answer dialog, so the user 
>moves the cursor off the button to deal with that, leaving the 
>button label in changed mode. I could have made sure to change it 
>back in the button script, but instead I put a mousemove handler in 
>the stack script, so that the button would revert to the primary 
>label whenever the mouse was outside the button.
>But then whenever I moved the cursor into the button with the 
>optionkey down I'd get a rapid flicker between the two labels. I 
>couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on, as I do 
>*not* have a pass mousemove command in the button script. BUT -- 
>when I either comment out the stack mousemove script or put an empty 
>blocking mousemove handler in the card script, the flickering stops. 
>It looks as if the mousemove message is getting passed along the 
>message hierarchy despite the lack of a "pass" command. How can this 
>Peter M. Brigham


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