unexpected message passing

Michael Binder runr at prismpole.com
Sat Jul 28 06:44:26 EDT 2007

Peter wrote:
> At some point I noticed that the button label stayed changed after
> option-clicking it  -- the first thing that happens is an answer
> dialog, so the user moves the cursor off the button to deal with
> that, leaving the button label in changed mode.
>       <snip>
> I just tried creating a new empty stack with one button and mousemove
> handlers in the button and the stack scripts similar to those
> described above, but it doesn't flicker in that simple test stack. I
> don't know why it would do so in mine.

Hi Peter,
I wonder if your problem is the answer dialog.  Sometimes an answer
dialog causes Rev to forget the defaultstack.  Does your simple test
stack have an answer dialog?  Even if it does have an answer dialog,
that doesn't prove anything... the answer dialog could behave correctly
in the simple stack and misbehave in the complex stack.

Try putting this line after your answer dialog:
     set the defaultstack to "theNameOfYourStack"

hth, Michael Binder

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