The Ancient Art of the Animated GIF

Mike Hughes hughesmike2 at
Sat Jul 28 15:33:28 EDT 2007

I know Animated GIF's probably seem a little arcane to many on this list 
however for me they work brilliantly in one of my projects. Almost 
brilliantly, that is.

Quite simply, I'd like to create animated GIF's that use transparency. There 
are a few freebie apps on the Mac that do poor jobs creating them. Then 
there are tools like Fireworks and Adobe ImageReady. These apps allow me to 
create exactly the Animated GIF's I need and that render perfectly in a web 

But when I import them to Revolution, they run at hyperspeed and show 
strange areas of transparency. Can anyone point me in the direction of 
either a solution for the Fireworks/Adobe ImageReady problem or towards a 
competent GIF creator liked by Revolution (Mac or Windows)?



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