Stupid menubar questions

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Jul 17 11:16:48 CDT 2007

Hi Ian,

> On 17 Jul 2007, at 15:59, Klaus Major wrote:
>> Don't worry, check out the "defaultmenubar" prop in the docs :-)
> Doh!


>>> Win - doing the same as above (copy of group on each stack) is  
>>> going to lead to duplicated screen space. Any ideas to make it  
>>> look less 'cluttered'?
>> Well, erm, there is no menubar on Windows like on the Mac (always  
>> visible on top of the screen).
>> A menubar on win are just a palette (or modeles or whatever) stack.
> Duplicated screen space as in you will have the menubar at the top  
> of the window showing in every single window...

Oh, so sorry, yes sure, too stupid of me!!!! :-/

> Although using the defaultmenubar on the Mac version would mean  
> that I can leave menubars off some of the stacks in Windows.

But unfortunately"defaultmenubar" does not work on win.

But you could use ONE palette window as a menubar for all stacks/ 
windows, if that is possible for you application.

>> You have seen a PC running Win in your life before, didn't you? ;-)
> Oddly enough, I have...

Again, sorry, I was thinking a complete wrong way...

> Ian


Klaus Major
klaus at

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