17 vs 15 was: Why Save the Mac Mini

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Thu Jul 19 10:34:09 CDT 2007

Actually I have an agenda. I am planning of becoming the ruler of the 
world and will make everyone use the Pick operating system and 15" 

I'll be more careful with my words.

>Yes, Stephen, I have used a 17" in an airplane other than 1st Class.  
>It was tight, but doable.

  (In my opinion)  one must be a human pretzel to do that. And one 
must have been in 'Business Class'. No way with the rest of us in 
coach. Just getting it out of the bag is an exercise in really 
annoying your seat neighbor in 24E. The keys are so far in and the 
seat-back in front angles back,that one has to fold the laptop and 
turn it up, then type at an instant-carpal-tunnel creating odd angle, 
squinting at the screen at a bad angle. It's just the way it is. God 
didn't invent airplanes to use computers in.

And for presentations, (In my opinion) I would use another screen or 
a projector. (In my opinion) a 17" is too small for a group 
presentation anyway, unless they are quite young with good eyes. If 
one is presenting for 40+ executives, it needs to be really big.

My new 15" Intel Macbook has the same amount of screen real estate of 
the 17" in a 15" form. more pixels... and after lugging a 17 since 
2003, I'm enjoying smaller....and I plug into the same 23" Cinema at 
home. (In my opinion)

I don't understand the problem with <my> opinion...you are expressing yours.
I'm just saying  (In my opinion) that the 17 can't live up to being 
an ideal portable over the efficiency and 'portable-ness' of the 
smaller machine. It's a trade-off and I don't regret owning a 17 for 
all those years, it was the best performing machine I ever owned with 
the fewest failures. But I'm also very happy to go smaller. I don't 
miss the 17 at all. And I was sharing the experience.

It takes a special owner to need a 17". A web designer or video 
editor that travels has a lot of reasons to put up with lugging one 
around. A general business person would be better off with the 

As my late dad once said: "Just because it has a handle on it doesn't 
make it portable..."


>Have you ever used a laptop smaller than 17" anywhere but on an 
>airplane?  It is fine to speak from your experience, but don't speak 
>from your experience as if it is the be all and end all of 
>everyone's experience.  For that matter, if you answered my question 
>at the beginning of this paragraph with "Yes" then perhaps you are 
>cheating yourself when you speak from one experience as if it is the 
>whole of your experience.
>    -  Mick


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