running OSX 'legally'

Scott Kane scott at
Thu Jul 12 13:49:55 EDT 2007

From: "Peter Alcibiades" <palcibiades-first at>

> Generally you cannot, at least in the EU, tell people what to do with what 
> they have bought, after they have bought it.  One suspects the lack of 
> test
> cases is discretion triumphing over valour.

I'm not an expert on the EU and IANAL.  But one could argue (as most EULA's 
do) that you did not buy it but rather licensed it and that you only own the 
physical medium and not the content on that medium.  Precedent being 
strongly set by the music industry.

> And this is one thing that will make the release of Leopard for MacIntel 
> in  full, bootable, non-upgrade form so very interesting...

I don't understand what you mean here???  What is significant about "Leopard 
for MacIntel in  full, bootable, non-upgrade" as opposed to Tiger for 

Scott Kane 

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