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Neal Campbell K3NC nealk3nc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 13:31:57 EDT 2007

I was expecting some convergence with the MacTV box as that looks  
like a mini-based device. Or maybe there is even something cooler in  
the pipeline?

BTW I am amazed the number of places I go that are using minis in  
their office (my doctor for one has them at every work station). What  
a nice box!

Neal Campbell

On Jul 12, 2007, at 7:41 AM, Bill Marriott wrote:

>> [...]  Apple plans to discontinue the Mac Mini.
>> [...petition link...]
> Two things:
> 1) Aren't there also rumors about a NEW Mac Mini coming out? From
> macosrumors.com:
> "The next-generation Mac Mini will sport Core 2 Duo processors at  
> 1.83, 2.0
> (Standard models) and 2.16GHz (Gamer's Model), Intel GMA965 integrated
> (standard models) or ATi Radeon X1800 dedicated (Gamer's Model)  
> graphics,
> support for up to 5GB of RAM (two 512MB on-board chips, plus two  
> full-sized
> DIMM slots capable of supporting up to 2GB of DDR2-667 SDRAM each),  
> new
> faster Superdrives, 802.11n wireless, and in the Gamer's Model,  
> support for
> two displays (Dual Link DVI and Mini-DVI ports). And that's not  
> even the
> best part...."
> 2) Is the Mac Mini really worth saving?
> Yes, I know it's the only Mac available under $1000, but it's still  
> $600 in
> its base configuration; to get a decent one you'll have to pay  
> $1250. (2GB
> RAM, 160GB HD, 1.83 MHz CPU). Even then it's notoriously difficult  
> for end
> users to upgrade -- and impossible to upgrade the anemic video  
> card. You'd
> never want to use the current Mac Mini for any gaming or video/ 
> multimedia
> production. Contrast this with a Gateway I picked up from  
> TigerDirect for
> $399 last month that had 2GB of RAM, 250 GB HD, a 2GHz dual-core  
> processor,
> and superior integrated graphics -- I could build a server farm of  
> three or
> four of those for the cost of one Mac Mini. Plus the Gateway can be  
> upgraded
> easily and cheaply to have SATA RAID, high-performance PCIe video,  
> dual TV
> tuner, etc. I'm currently using mine to test Rev under Windows  
> Vista and it
> just screams.
> Doesn't run Max OS X (legally) and doesn't have the adorable form  
> factor but
> if you're trying to sell me on the "cheap server" argument I'm not
> convinced.
> I feel a more appealling petition for me would be asking for Apple to
> release something like the Gateway -- a Mac Medium that has a  
> bigger box
> with accessible slots and easy user upgrades that is affordable.
> They did something like that with notebooks and it was immensely  
> successful.
> The MacBook is highly competitive price-performance wise with any  
> PC laptop.
> The RAM and hard disk are very conveniently located for end-user  
> upgrades.
> The whole system is elegant and functional. That's why they've sold  
> a ton of
> them -- one of them to me -- and turned a whole bunch of people on  
> to Mac
> OS.
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