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Sun Aug 5 00:37:05 EDT 2007


This is my first shot at using the list.

I have a TTS program that speaks plain text just fine using either MS Sam
or an ATT voice.

Now I'm trying to get it to speak Chinese using a Chinese voice installed
on my machine.

The font of the text field is set to arial, unicode.  I can input Chinese
via either the IME or by dragging Chinese text into the field.

I set the revSpeechVoices to the Chinese voice and hit the button labeled
"Speak", which contains the following mouseUp handler:

revSpeak fld "f3"

The Chinese voice spoke, but the utterance wasn't Chinese.  Next, I
changed the handler to:

revSpeak uniDecode(fld "f3","Chinese")

That didn't work

When that didn't work, I tried

revSpeak uniDecode(fld "f3","SimpleChinese")

That didn't work.

When I was typing Chinese text in my wordprocessor via the IME, I noticed
that the font script was Chinese_GB2321. I could drag the text to my
commercial TTS software, and it could read the text in Chinese.

Maybe I need to convert the unicode text I have in my field to GB2321,
which I understand is similar to unicode.

Anybody have any ideas?



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