Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Aug 5 06:40:23 EDT 2007

Hi John,

Sorry, it seems Chinese TTS won't work with Revolution. Chinese text  
is always Unicode in Revolution and apparently your TTS engine  
doesn't understand that.

It looks like it should be possible to convert GB2321 to unicode and  
back with a script, just like GB2312 (see Wikipedia). After  
converting unnicode text to GB2321, you can export the binary text to  
a file and use the command line or a VBScript to open this with your  
commercial TTS engine. Don't try to display DB2312 in Revolution, as  
it won't display properly.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille


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Op 5-aug-2007, om 6:37 heeft jgrubb75 at het volgende  

> Hi,
> This is my first shot at using the list.
> I have a TTS program that speaks plain text just fine using either  
> MS Sam
> or an ATT voice.
> Now I'm trying to get it to speak Chinese using a Chinese voice  
> installed
> on my machine.
> The font of the text field is set to arial, unicode.  I can input  
> Chinese
> via either the IME or by dragging Chinese text into the field.
> I set the revSpeechVoices to the Chinese voice and hit the button  
> labeled
> "Speak", which contains the following mouseUp handler:
> revSpeak fld "f3"
> The Chinese voice spoke, but the utterance wasn't Chinese.  Next, I
> changed the handler to:
> revSpeak uniDecode(fld "f3","Chinese")
> That didn't work
> When that didn't work, I tried
> revSpeak uniDecode(fld "f3","SimpleChinese")
> That didn't work.
> When I was typing Chinese text in my wordprocessor via the IME, I  
> noticed
> that the font script was Chinese_GB2321. I could drag the text to my
> commercial TTS software, and it could read the text in Chinese.
> Maybe I need to convert the unicode text I have in my field to GB2321,
> which I understand is similar to unicode.
> Anybody have any ideas?
> Thanks.
> John

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