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In such kind of tasks, an UDP connection would probably be the  
simplest way to have Rev getting and displaying your outside incoming  

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Le 2 août 07 à 14:58, viktoras didziulis a écrit :

>  Hi.
> I have a console application that constantly spews out numbers at a  
> rate of 3 numbers per second. The task is to read the number and  
> display it in a field, then as soon as the next number arrives it  
> should replace the field's contents with new number visualise it  
> graphicaly and so on ad infinitum in realtime...
> I can't figure it out - Revolution expects the data stream coming  
> from outside will end at some point and therefore waits. But the  
> process is in fact never ending. Is there a way to handle this kind  
> of constant data stream in Revolution ?
> Best wishes
> Viktoras
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