A better find and replace function

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Thu Sep 28 10:10:10 EDT 2006

Recently, Robert Sneidar wrote:

> This may interest some of you. You may have stumbled across something
> with the replace command. Let's say I have a chunk that contains the
> word "blah". I want to replace all occurrences of "blah" with
> "noblah" which those of you who are astute see contains the word it
> replaces. If I call the replace command once, all my "blah"'s become
> "noblah"'s okay, but if I execute the command again, my noblahs
> become nonoblahs.
> What I needed was something that would replace the WORD blah with the
> WORD noblah, ignoring words that CONTAIN blah, including subsequent
> search and replace executions. In other words I needed a whole word
> search and replace that only did it once per occurrence of a whole
> word (in the true sense of the "word" ) no matter how many times I
> ran it. I mainly need it for renaming function and command calls in a
> script, but it could be useful elsewhere.
> Just do a wordoffset you say? Oh but nay, because wordoffset will hit
> on blah, noblah, blahse etc. I ONLY want the whole word blah, even if
> it is a function like say blah(). (Revolution thinks "blah
> (somearg,somearg2)" is all one word. :-) It's a lot harder than you
> might think, because Revolution's word offset is very liberal when it
> comes to what it thinks is a word.

I believe you can use the wholeMatches property to do what you need.
Setting the wholeMatches to true will force Rev to find wordOffsets of
"blah" while ignoring "noblah" and "blahse".


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