Cold Panic

Dar Scott dsc at
Wed Sep 27 19:58:04 EDT 2006

On Sep 27, 2006, at 4:37 PM, Robert Sneidar wrote:

>     open file mfile
>     put the result into mres
>     -- mres is empty here indicating a successful open

I guess you put it in the message box or something?

>     read from file mfile at 1 until eof

Check the name of the file mfile.  If you are getting empty it might  
be because the file is empty!

Just grasping at straws:  You are opening for update.  Try just  
opening for read.  I know you already checked permission...  That  
might also catch nonexisting files.

As a test, after closing, see what URL file: comes up with.

Make sure mfile is not a name of a device.


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