Revolution and the Web, feedback wanted, Part 1 of 3

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Nov 30 12:31:26 EST 2006

Mikey wrote:
> This is getting lengthy, so I'm going to just hit the high points to
> try to reduce everyone's boredom with the thread (or at least my
> boredom):
>> 5) Google offers something similar which is actually running
>> massively used services (Google Web Toolkit)
> This is very much like trying to compare XCode to Visual Studio, or
> MetaCard and RR.  They are nowhere near being similar.

I'll agree with the first comparison, but have to disagree with the 
second. MetaCard and Revolution are identical in every respect except 
for the stacks that represent how the user interacts with the engine.

Picky point, I know. I get your drift.

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