Revolution and the Web, feedback wanted, Part 1 of 3

Mikey mikeythek at
Thu Nov 30 11:03:16 EST 2006

This is getting lengthy, so I'm going to just hit the high points to
try to reduce everyone's boredom with the thread (or at least my

> 5) Google offers something similar which is actually running
> massively used services (Google Web Toolkit)
This is very much like trying to compare XCode to Visual Studio, or
MetaCard and RR.  They are nowhere near being similar.

As far as Morfik being a startup, and you aren't comfortable with
that, and you don't like the license, fine.  I understand where you're
at.  I just don't think your position is typical.  Maybe I'm wrong.
It wouldn't be the first time.

> There's no guarantee that next year will yield 1.5. In fact, anyone
> who's dealt with startup vendors over the years knows there is a good
> chance that there won't be any new versions if they don't start
> selling licenses ASAP. The fact that they are offering heavily
> discounted licenses tells me that they aren't out of the woods yet.
So you'd be more comfortable if they didn't have an introductory
offer?  I don't get this.  Stores and restaurants that have just
opened offer big discounts to get you in the door.  Automakers offer
big rebates to sell you the financing.  Every service company on the
planet from Comcast to Time Warner to Verizon to Vonage to SunRocket
to NetFlix have introductory offers to get you to try their service
out.  You think that's a bad thing?

> The fact that Morfik apparently outputs a custom .exe file with the
> database and web server embedded sounds truly awful to me. So you're
> saying I can only run this on Windows, it won't scale, it won't
> conform to any normal Apache or Firebird documentation, I can't
> upgrade the web server or database without rebuilding my app, and I
> can't run this on 99% of the web hosts out there?
Three words:  Flat.  Out.  False.

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