Grid & Scrolling Field

Scott Kane scott at
Thu Nov 30 02:11:19 EST 2006


I've got the code below working nicely for a grid control and the data being 
assigned to it from fields.  All that is except for Scrolling List fields. 
I've tried various combinations, but the scrolling list always ends up using 
the returns in it as the start of a new line in the grid.  Code I'm using 

on mouseUp
"NewPotSize" & Tab & fld "NumberOfDivisions" & Return into theRecfld 
"RepottedDate" & Tab & fld "OldPotSize" & Tab & fld "NewPotSize" & Tab & fld 
"NumberOfDivisions" & Return into theRec
  put fld "RepotList" & Return into tList
  put fld "RepottedDate" & Tab & fld "OldPotSize" & Tab & fld "NewPotSize" & 
Tab & fld "NumberOfDivisions" & fld "RepotNotes" & Return into theRec
  set the itemDel to tab
   put tList & theRec into fld "RepotList"
  end mouseUp

I suspect it's the use of my return character when building the array, but I 
can't seem to be able to work out a better method of inserting a new line 
into the grid.

Help greatly appreciated...


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