Stupid Programming Challenge (Barry Barber)

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Nov 28 20:38:31 EST 2006

Recently, barryb at wrote:

> Why did Scott Rossi use a separate scrollbar and routine?
> I thought the method was to click the 'Vertical scrollbar' box in the Basic
> properties of the Group "master".
>  When I did this I got a proportional scrollbar which scrolled to end of the
> list without scriptng anything - of which I am not yet capable, anyway!.;-(
> Of course there will be some technical reason which I will not understand but
> would love to know.

Guess I should answer...  :-)

Normally, there probably isn't much need for a separate scrollbar control.
In my case, I was trying to emulate a solution I didn't know about: trying
to use a miniscrollbar with a scrolling group.  Mark Schonewille pointed out
that one can set the scrollbarWidth of the group to the desired value (13)
to get the miniscrollbar effect, which is great.  But I'm doing some
pixel-precise positioning of UI elements in my stack where the group's
built-in scrollbar doesn't quite fit the way I need it to.  So using the
separate scrollbar is a good solution for me.

Another example could be a "shared space" scrollbar.  For example, in some
applications, a horizontal scrolling region can span the width of a window,
but the scrollbar only spans a portion of the overall width so that other
controls/displays can appear in-line alongside the scrollbar.  This type of
"shared space" is where a custom-sized scrollbar can be very useful.


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