Stupid Programming Challenge (Barry Barber)

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Tue Nov 28 20:03:36 EST 2006

Hello again,
Seeing as all the experts are now agreed on the script for a proportional thumb on a scrollbar, may I ask a stupid beginners question?

Why did Scott Rossi use a separate scrollbar and routine? 
I thought the method was to click the 'Vertical scrollbar' box in the Basic properties of the Group "master".
 When I did this I got a proportional scrollbar which scrolled to end of the list without scriptng anything - of which I am not yet capable, anyway!.;-(

Of course there will be some technical reason which I will not understand but would love to know.
On Nov 27, 2006, at 9:54 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> OK, I've beaten my head against the wall long enough on >this, so I'm throwing it out there for anyone who wants to >try their hand >at a simple (?) challenge:
> Modify the initScrollbar routine in the following stack such >that
> 1) the scrollbar displays proportionally to content >displayed in the associated group, 
>and 2) the scrollbar consistently scrolls the group to the
> end of its content. The stack contains a button to randomly >populate a scrolling group, and the initScrollbar routine is >stored in the button.
> go url ""

Thanks to all for the valuable info I pick up here everyday. Must limit reading this list though and try creating something.


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