Stupid Programming Challenge

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Nov 28 16:48:18 EST 2006

Recently, Trevor DeVore wrote:

>> set endvalue of sb "scroller" to max(0,(formattedHeight of group
>> "master"))
>> set thumbsize of sb "scroller" to (height of group "master")

> I think we should just let Solution 1 live on.  It's best if we just
> sweep Solution 2 under the rug :-)

To clarify, solution 1 as listed above contains some unnecessary code.  Use
the following bit I posted earlier, which has generic object references:

set endValue of sb "myScroller" to (formattedHeight of grp "myScrollGroup")
set thumbSize of sb "myScroller" to (height of grp "myScrollGroup")


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