[X-POST] Share your recipes!

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Tue Nov 28 15:38:35 EST 2006

I'm reposting this to the list from the forums in the hopes of getting the 
widest possible group of people looking at how to coax these bugs out. 
Please help if you can!
Calling all bug chefs!  One of the toughest problems to fix is one you can't 
reproduce. There are several of these in the bug system. The developers have 
identified a list of bugs that need "recipes" -- in other words, the steps 
required to reproduce the problem.

Those bugs include the following:

2868 - Saving with control-S has problems
3067 - Find and Replace too darned slow
3410 - revMail on MacOS X does not work correctly with non ASCII characters
3816 - openStack seems not to be sent to stacks on Mac OS
1377 - Printing Scripts in color causes overlapping text in the printout
3843 - openStack and openCard messages not being sent on stack launch
3845 - Dictionary Quick Search can't be canceled
3890 - Missing handler in Dictionary - Throws up Script error
3830 - "object does not have this property" in IDE when deselecting a 
multiple-image selection

So here's an open invitation for you to read up on these bugs and try to 
devise a "test case" which can reliably (or at least more often than not) 
cause these errors to be generated.

If/when you find a way to reproduce these issues, please log into Bugzilla 
and post a new comment to the bug and/or attach your sample file.


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