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Adrian Williams adrian at
Tue Nov 28 14:06:47 EST 2006


I recently purchased altFont and using the
buttons that came with the DEMO stack all works fine,
using altFont to embed a font in my app.

I have been able to "SuckUp" the font in the IDE.
"SpitOut" the font from the button's custom prop. into the default 
Now all I want to do is "Load a font" from the default Folder!
Simple enough if a clicked button presents the User with a dialog
to navigate the the font, but I don't want the User to have to do that.
Why should they.
I know where the font is sitting - its in the default Folder.
So how can I replace the code below with something triggered by the 
card script
to load the font automatically rather than the button...

--snippet of code
on mouseUp
   answer file "choose a ttf file to load"
   if it is empty then exit to top
   put the fontNames into tOldList
   put the number of lines in tOldList into tNumOfFonts

   put the result into tResult
   if tResult is not empty then
     answer warning tResult
     exit to top
   end if
--etc. etc

I did get a solution from the altFont author Chris Bohnert, but it 
enough comment for this newbie to understand how to use uFileName and
uEmbeddedFile and where to put the script...
> Adrian,
> The code you're using is very dangerously relying on the value of 'it'
> remaining stable between the call to Answer file and the call to 
> I'd leave your 'suck up' button in place (hiding it when you ship)
> and do the following to load the font.  The 'suck up' button sets the
> uFileName custom prop and uEmbeddedFile.
> put the uFileName of this card into tFilePath
> --if you need to append a subdir struct into the path you can do it 
> now with
> put "./mysubdir/" & tFilePath into tFilePath
> put the uEmbeddedFile of this card into URL("binfile:" & tFilePath )
> if there is a file tFilePath then
>   XLOAD_FONT tFilePath
> else
>   answer information "Font missing"
> end if

Any guidance would be appreciated,
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adrian at

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