Flash open source!!!

Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Tue Nov 28 03:46:43 EST 2006

On 28 Nov 2006, at 01:08, Mark Wieder wrote:

> ...and more...
> The Flash ActionScript Virtual Machine is now open source! I
> completely missed this announcement until it was brought to my
> attention this afternoon.
> http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/pressroom/pressreleases/ 
> 200611/110706Mozilla.html
> ...now someone with time on their hands needs to modify the source so
> that it runs Transcript code natively...

Mark, I think the "Flash open source" subject may be a little  
misleading. As far as I know, the ActionScript Virtual Machine is  
only part of the Flash plugin.

The press release has the usual lack of clarity (spin) we've come to  
expect from large corporations with dollars to spend on marketing.

"Adobe has contributed source code for the ActionScript™ Virtual  

Does this mean all the source code or just some of it? (If I were a  
betting man, I know where I'd place my money.)

Adobe tout the speed and efficiency of the ActionScript 3 virtual  
machine versus earlier versions. But Flex 2 (and I guess Flash 9 when  
it arrives) produce precompiled ActionScript. The release refers to  
Just In Time compilation, which makes sense for ActionScript  
(JavaScript) deployment in html pages. But I wonder if the speed  
gains are as significant compared to precompiled scripts.

I'm not sure there is anything for Rev developers here.


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