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Mon Nov 27 11:49:51 EST 2006

I just executed this sql command "SHOW DATABASES;" on my project from 
rev and it works fine. However I use Trevor Devore's SQL abstraction 
library, which makes it far easier to make sense of the lower level 
rev SQL calls.

I know he's working on an exciting new project using 'Database 
Objects' and I expect a product someday, however for now I rely 
greatly on his database library, and have already donated twice. 
(It's free.. but it's so useful to me that I'd pay for it so I did.)

libDatabase 2.0 - Tested with altSQLite 2 and 3, MySQL, PostGreSQL, 
Valentina 1.x local. Preliminary testing done for Valentina 2.x 
local/server. Download stack, Getting Started pdf and documentation.

I'd suggest trying out his lib, it's solid and makes working with SQL 
a lot easier.

>Hi Chris,
>Sure, I have read the documentation. Once a database has been 
>created, I can modify it. That's not the problem. I would like to do 
>something like this (in a button):
>on mouseUp
>   revExecuteSQL 1,"SHOW DATABASES;"
>   put the result
>end mouseUp
>and would like to get a list of databases returned, but the result 
>is empty. The used parameters for revExecuteSQL are not really 
>logical of course, since I provide a database ID while the SQL 
>statement is typically executed before opening a database. Any ideas?

stephen barncard
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