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Mon Nov 27 11:32:58 EST 2006

Hi, Mark.  I've used the following to get a list of MySQL tables;

put revDataFromQuery(tab, return, lDB, "show databases") into tResult

and the following to list tables in a database;

put revDataFromQuery(tab, return, lDB, "show tables from mysql") into 
tResult   ('mysql' being the database name)


Mark Schonewille wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Sure, I have read the documentation. Once a database has been created, 
> I can modify it. That's not the problem. I would like to do something 
> like this (in a button):
> on mouseUp
>   revExecuteSQL 1,"SHOW DATABASES;"
>   put the result
> end mouseUp
> and would like to get a list of databases returned, but the result is 
> empty. The used parameters for revExecuteSQL are not really logical of 
> course, since I provide a database ID while the SQL statement is 
> typically executed before opening a database. Any ideas?
> Best,
> Mark
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> Op 27-nov-2006, om 16:36 heeft Chris Sheffield het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi Mark,
>> This is probably more of a MySQL thing than a Rev thing. I would 
>> recommend reading through the MySQL documentation if you haven't 
>> already, and check out the commands for working with databases and 
>> their tables. If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to use any 
>> MySQL command by running it through the revExecuteSQL command from 
>> your Revolution code. One thing to watch would be user permissions 
>> for your MySQL server, and making sure users have the ability to 
>> create/modify database schemas.
>> Hopefully this will help you in the right direction. Btw, by no means 
>> do I consider myself a database guru. :-)
>> Chris
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