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Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Nov 27 02:50:25 EST 2006

On 11/25/06, Lynn Fredricks <lynn at> wrote:

> A third party Helper Builder system would be very welcome in RevSelect if
> someone is interested in developing it.

We've got a Rev stack based Help System built within Hemingway, our
Content Management System which build websites. Hemingway structures
content into the metaphors of File Cabinets, File Drawers, Folders and
Folder Items. The Folder Items are the 'atomic' level (.i.e. html,
Flash, links, images, text, forms ,etc..)

With Hemingway, existing content can be rendered in one of many
website templates, including PDF only templates. It can also export
the content as .zip with included XML schema. This schema can be read
by HemMedia (a Hemingway plugin) and can automatically build a
traditional Help stack, with TOC and Indexed Search-- as seen in
ButtonGadget, Hemingway, ThoughtOffice and other apps we create. The
neat feature is the fact you only enter data once, and then render it
out as PDF, HTML and Help stack.

It's been a great tool. With it we've been able to document our
projects online, at at the end create fully TOC'd PDF files and now,
help files as well.

You can see an example at:
(the web version of Hemingway Docs:)

(the PDF version of the Docs:)

and for the Stack version of the docs: you can enter into the message box:

go decompress(URL "")

The PDF and Stack versions may take a bit to download.

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