stack vs. exe behavior in altSplash deployment

Mark Powell mark_powell at
Sun Nov 26 10:51:05 EST 2006

I have an app in development that I am now transitioning to be
"suitcased" with Altuit's altSplash architecture.  

[BTW Chipp: altSplash is to Rev apps what Dick Fosbury was to high
jumping--I hope you understand the compliment]

Anyway, a couple of questions

-1-  Cursor idiosynracies:  
Rev's built-in cursors aren't available (e.g. instead of hand and busy,
I get the hourglass).  How do I ensure that cursors port over correctly
when a stack is deployed as a non-executable?

-2-  Saving state:  
When deployed as a non-executable, is it accurate to say that saving
state (i.e. preferences, last state of checkbox, etc) is as
straightforward as asking whether to save when the stack is closed?

-3-  Alpha channels:
When used in the context of altSplash, is "alpha channel" synonymous
with "transparency layer".  I am getting transparency to work, but am
wondering if I am not capitalizing on the effects available in the

Thanks very much


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