In a table field, cells getting "not empty" while no text in them

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Sat Nov 25 06:16:14 EST 2006

On one card, I have several fields where the users will write textual  

For each field, I need to check for each line if it is empty or not.
(I would like that, if a line is not empty then a small check box  be  
shown so that the user could check it ; then the checked lines would  
be copied and then pasted elsewhere as a whole. )
One of the fields is a normal field ; all is working well with it.

But another field is a  table field (say, "theTable") with two  
editable columns and 9 editable lines.
First, I put empty into field theTable
Then, if I write something only in the top-left cell
when I test the lines, I get :
- line 1 not empty as expected;
- lines 2, 3 and 4 are empty as expected;
but, it happens that lines 5, 6,7,8 and 9 are not empty (seems they  
contains  one tab space).

Well, before sending this message, this time I did not forget to read  
again the tutorial from Éric Chatonet on "How to manage table  
fields". Thanks to it,  I used the "clearTable pFieldName" handler  
(instead of only putting empty into the field°
But this does not solve my problem.

Again, if I select some cells in the field (even if I dont write  
anything), lines  are becoming "not empty" (seems it is randomly). So  
that check boxes appear for lines in which there are no text; but  
something anyway :-((
It seems that some lines get "something" in them, not only while  
nothing has been written in them, but even while they have'nt been  

So the only solution I think about now, is to keep visible all check  
boxes of all lines of the field, even if they dont contain any text.  
But of course, it is not so good from an ergonomic point of view.

Is there a way to figure out this issue ?

Thanks for any help

Best regards from Grenoble


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