[OT?] HTML email is evil - or, why we get so much spam

Brian Yennie briany at qldlearning.com
Sat Nov 25 04:17:39 EST 2006

FWIW, I echo Trevor's sentiments. SpamSieve + Mail.app are by far the  
best combo I've found, especially layered on top of a GMail account.  
GMail's indexing is cool, but I prefer to search in my mail client  
since it will reach across all of my various email addresses.

In case anyone doesn't already know, GMail supplies POP3 access and  
can even be used for your outgoing mail if you have funky ISP/SMTP  

> On Nov 24, 2006, at 7:19 PM, Mikey wrote:
>> The spam filtering is crazy-good
> Using Gmail for spam filtering worked really well for me for a  
> while (I use it to filter spam before it goes to my Blackberry) but  
> in the last few months more and more spam has been getting  
> through.  I keep marking emails as spam in Gmail but they keep  
> coming through.  The last few days things have calmed down a bit so  
> maybe they have made some adjustments.  On the other hand, I use  
> SpamSieve with Mail on OS X and it is EXCELLENT.  It catches all of  
> the stuff Gmail allows through and is much more reliable.
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