Mikey mikeythek at
Wed Nov 22 16:26:35 EST 2006

create a new stack and put it in the script of the stack.  go to the
message box and type "s".

Alternatively, just type "edit the script of this stack" into the
message box, and the result will be the same.

Or create a button with

on mouseUp
   edit the script of this stack
end mouseUp

and then send "mouseUp" to the button - doesn't work.  However,
clicking on the button does work.

By "doesn't work" I mean that although the script editor comes up, the
script is not editable, but the "apply" and "revert" buttons are
active, which is normally not the case when the script editor comes
up.  The script in this mode doesn't show the cursor, and trying to
click and type in the script editor produces unpredictable behavior.

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