standalone build problem?

Robert Mann robmann at
Wed Nov 22 13:50:41 CST 2006

I seen this recommendation that you gave on a early post and did change the
settings but it still took 25 minutes?


Robert Mann

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Robert Mann wrote:
> It took about 25 minutes for rev to build the standalone is this normal?

Check the Standalone Settings under the File menu. If you have it set to
search for inclusions, the standalone builder has to go through every
script of every object on every card looking for relevant keywords. That
can take a very long time with a stack as large as yours.

Uncheck that option and instead use the option to manually select
inclusions. Then make sure you have hilited the libraries in the list
that your standalone needs (sounds like you need, at minimum, the
database libraries). This will prevent the scan from happening and you
should see a standalone built much faster.

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